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Homemade Marshmallow Chocolate Biscuits

Homemade Marshmallow Chocolate Biscuits


For the marshmallow...

  • 450g sugar
  • 450ml water
  • 4 Tbsp gelatine
  • 240g icing sugar
  • 10ml vanilla

For the biscuits...

  • 225g butter 
  • 225g sugar
  • 110g brown sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 480g flour
  • 80g cocoa powder
  • 5ml vanilla


For the marshmallow...

Bring to a boil the sugar, water and gelatine in a medium pot and simmer for 8 minutes.

Place in the bowl of an electric mixer and whisk on high for 3minutes.

Add icing sugar and vanilla and whisk a further 5 mins, or until light and fluffy. Pour onto a lightly greased tray and allow to set. 

Baking tip: Use the same cutter you used for your biscuits to cut the marshmallow, just spray with a little oil to stop it from sticking to the marshmallow. 

For the biscuits...

Cream the butter and sugars together, add the vanilla and eggs. Sift in the flour and cocoa powder and gently mix to form a dough.

Roll out to 5mm thick and cut into desired shapes.

Bake on a lined tray for 12-15mins at 150°C. Allow to cool completely before using.

Baking tip: We sandwich our marshmallow between two chocolate biscuits painted with melted chocolate to stop the biscuit from going soft. 

Once you've sandwiched your marshmallow, you can decorate the tops of your biscuits with melted chocolate, sprinkles or whatever you have in your pantry!


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