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  • This delightful little number includes everything you need to for a month's worth of home-baked treats :
    • Sheep Animal Biscuits (6)
      You'll want to wolf down these little biscuits in sheep's clothing. They'll keep the whole family entertained.
    • Mini Chocolate Chips (6)
      A long-time favourite! Chock-a-block with Whittaker's dark chocolate, one of these is never enough.
    • Bliss Balls (6)
      These delightful little numbers are healthy and delicious!
    • Brain Boosters (6)
      Made in small batches, unlike the ones you'll find in the supermarket. These healthy muesli bars are packed with nuts, seeds, and iced for a little sweetness. 

  • Sheep Animal Biscuits (38g each, 6 biscuits) - Biscuit (wheat flour, butter, sugar, cornflour, vanilla), Icing (sugar, butter, water, vanilla essence, flavour (lemon OR orange OR peppermint OR raspberry essence ), food colouring). Contains gluten & milk.

    Bliss balls
     (20g each, 6 biscuits) - Dried fruit (Dates, Raisin (sulphites)), almond, linseed, coconut, cocoa powder, vanilla essence. Contains almond & sulphites.

    Brain Boosters
     (30g each, 6 biscuits) - Almond, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, sesame seed, Honey, dried apricot (Sulphites), butter, Brown sugar, Icing( Icing sugar, Home Baked Greek yoghurt (Milk & Soy), honey, vanilla, gelatine, salt). Contains almond, milk & soy.

    Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies
     (20g each, 6 biscuits) - Wheat flour, butter, dark chocolate compound (27%) (Sugar, vegetable fat(RSPO palm oil), cocoa powder, emulsifier (soy lecithin, 492), flavours), Condensed milk (milk, sugar), sugar, vanilla essence, baking powder. Contains milk, soy & gluten.

Our Home Baking is made with lots of yummy ingredients, including a variety of allergens such as (but not limited to) nuts, eggs, soy and gluten, traces may be present.

    ‘My boss loves Belgium Biscuits and I didn’t know if anywhere in Wellington did them.
    Your website was a lifesaver because I have no baking expertise myself and am leaving my current job so they will make the perfect gift!’

    – Linda, Auckland