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Christmas Favourites

Not your usual Cadbury box
Christmas Favourites
Christmas Favourites Christmas Favourites Christmas Favourites Christmas Favourites Christmas Favourites Christmas Favourites

Christmas Favourites


  • This delightful little number includes:
    • Chocolate Truffles (6)
      If you love chocolate you will love our chocolate truffles, and to remind ourselves we are living the Kiwi Christmas dream, we have decorated them with our Kiwi Christmas tree, the Pohutukawa.
    • Mini Decorated Christmas Shortbread (6)
      Our delightful mini shortbread cookies capture the essence of a Kiwi summer Christmas. Beautifully iced and delicious, these are the perfect stocking filler.
    • Fruit Mince Pies (4)
      Traditional Christmas mince pies - staple kai at the Christmas table this festive season! A delicious mix of spices, dried and fresh fruits soaked in brandy and conveniently packed into a short pastry case for easy devouring.
    • Pack of 4 Seed Crackers (1) VE, DFF
      A wonderful combination of flaxseed, sesame seeds, sunflower and chia seeds. These crackers are moreish on their own, but if you can wait long enough to add cheese and a fruit paste they are even better.
    • Cranberry & Orange Relish (1) GFF, DFF, VE
      Tart cranberries, juicy oranges and a dash of spice - there is no better match for a delicious Christmas ham or banger off the barbie

  • Some goodies come in compostable cellophane bags.

    Chocolate Truffles (25g each, 6 truffles) - eggs, sugar, butter, milk, flour, golden syrup, chocolate, ground almonds, cocoa, rice flour, baking powder, baking soda, vanilla essence.

    Mini Decorated Christmas Shortbread (20g each, 6 cookies) - Wheat flour, butter, sugar, icing sugar, cornflour, egg, vanilla essence, food colouring. Contains gluten, milk & egg.

    Fruit Mince Pies (50g each, 4 pies) - sultanas, mixed fruit, sugar, apples, oranges, lemons, sweet pastry, brandy, spices, salt.

    4 Seed Crackers VE, DFF (150g each, 1 packet) - Seeds(sunflower, Linseed Chia, Sesame), Spelt Flour, Water, Olive oil, rosemary, salt. Contains gluten.

    Cranberry & Orange Relish VE, GFF, DFF (110ml each, 1 relish) - Cranberries (36%), Oranges (38%), sugar, lemon, ginger, pepper.

Our Home Baking is made with lots of yummy ingredients, including a variety of allergens such as (but not limited to) nuts, eggs, soy and gluten, traces may be present.

‘My boss loves Belgium Biscuits and I didn’t know if anywhere in Wellington did them.
Your website was a lifesaver because I have no baking expertise myself and am leaving my current job so they will make the perfect gift!’

– Linda, Auckland