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Christmas Platter

For the savoury lover
Christmas Platter
Christmas Platter Christmas Platter Christmas Platter Christmas Platter Christmas Platter Christmas Platter

Christmas Platter


  • This delightful little number includes:
    • Parmesan Crackers (12)
      Us Kiwis love our cheese, and our crumbly, cheesy crackers with a touch of cayenne reinforce why we do... The challenge is to stop at one!
    • 4 seed Crackers VE, DFF (1 pack)
      A wonderful combination of flaxseed, sesame seeds, sunflower and chia seeds. These crackers are moreish on their own, but if you can wait long enough to add cheese and a fruit paste they are even better.
    • Sesame & Fennel Lavosh VE, DFF (1 pack)
      The pleasure of biting into a crisp, delicious cracker, soft creamy cheese and a surprise lemon chutney. Bliss.
    • Spent Grain Crackers (1 pack)
      We take sustainability seriously, as demonstrated with our Spent Grain crackers. Who knew the by-product of HOME BREW could taste so good. Spent grain crackers are our team’s favourite.
    • Fig & Fennel Salami (1) GF, VE, DF
      Not quite sweet, not quite savoury, this fig & fennel salami is great in so many ways. Slice it up and add to a nibbles platter to be eaten on its own, or use as a base for canapés to impress the mother in law!
    • Chilli Caramel Almonds (1 pack)
      Who knew almonds could taste so good! These addictive treats will keep you coming back for more.
    • Cranberry & Orange, Lemon Relish or Orange Marmalade (1)
    • One of our homemade relishes or marmalades to top your cracker creation.
    • Wooden Cheeseboard (1)
  • Some goodies come in compostable cellophane bags.

    Parmesan Shortbread (8g each, 12 shortbread)- Wheat flour, Parmesan Cheese(milk, salt, cultures, enzyme(rennet, lipase), anti-caking agent(460 or starch), preservative(200)), butter, egg, chilli. Contains gluten, egg & milk.

    Sesame & Fennel Lavosh VE, DFF
    (150g each, 1 packet) - Wheat flour, water, sesame (13%), wholemeal wheat flour, salt, Fennel(0.4%). Contains gluten & sesame.

    4 Seed Crackers VE, DFF (150g each, 1 packet) - Seeds (sunflower,Linseed Chia, Sesame), Spelt Flour, Water, Olive oil, rosemary, salt. Contains gluten.

    Spent Grain Crackers (150g each, 1 packet) - Wheat flour, spent grain (43%) (malted barley OR malted wheat), water, butter, salt. Contains wheat & milk.

    Fig & Fennel Salami VE, GFF, DFF (100g each, 1 salami) -Dried Figs (79%) (sulphites), Balsamic Vinegar(wine vinegar, concentrated grape must, caramel E150d (Sulphites)), walnut, fennel seed (1%). Contains walnut & sulphites.

    Chilli Caramel Almonds (100g, 1 packet) - Chilli flakes, canola oil, cumin, salt, almonds, sugar.

    Cranberry & Orange Relish VE, GFF, DFF (110ml each, 1 relish) - Cranberries (36%), Oranges (38%), sugar, lemon, ginger, pepper.

Our Home Baking is made with lots of yummy ingredients, including a variety of allergens such as (but not limited to) nuts, eggs, soy and gluten, traces may be present.

‘My boss loves Belgium Biscuits and I didn’t know if anywhere in Wellington did them.
Your website was a lifesaver because I have no baking expertise myself and am leaving my current job so they will make the perfect gift!’

– Linda, Auckland