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Christmas Platter
Christmas Platter
Christmas Platter
Christmas Platter
Christmas Platter
Christmas Platter
Christmas Platter

Christmas Platter

Tax included.
  • Sweet Chilli Jam
  • Orange Marmalade
  • Cranberry & Orange Relish
  • This delightful little number includes:
    • Parmesan Crackers (12)
      Us Kiwis love our cheese, and our crumbly, cheesy crackers with a touch of cayenne reinforce why we do... The challenge is to stop at one!
    • 4 seed Crackers VE, DFF (1 pack)
      A wonderful combination of flaxseed, sesame seeds, sunflower and chia seeds. These crackers are moreish on their own, but if you can wait long enough to add cheese and a fruit paste they are even better.
    • Sesame & Fennel Lavosh VE, DFF (1 pack)
      The pleasure of biting into a crisp, delicious cracker, soft creamy cheese and a surprise lemon chutney. Bliss.
    • Fig & Fennel Salami (1) GF, VE, DF
      Not quite sweet, not quite savoury, this fig & fennel salami is great in so many ways. Slice it up and add to a nibbles platter to be eaten on its own, or use as a base for canapés to impress the mother in law!
    • Chilli Caramel Almonds (1 pack)
      Soooo good, an essential cheese platter ingredient. These addictive treats will keep you coming back for more.
    • 1 x Sweet Chilli Jam, Orange Marmalade or Cranberry & Orange Relish
    • 'Sweet As' topping for your cracker creation.
  • Some goodies come in compostable cellophane bags.

    Parmesan Shortbread (12g each, 12 shortbread):
    Wheat Flour, Parmesan (32%) (Pasteurised Milk, Salt, Cultures, Lipase, Rennet.), Butter (Cream [Milk], Salt), Egg, Cayenne Pepper.

    Contains Wheat, Gluten, Egg, Milk

    Sesame & Fennel Lavosh VE, DFF(150g each, 1 packet):
    Wheat Flour, Sesame Seeds, Wholemeal Flour (Wheat), Sesame Oil (Sesame), Dried Oregano, Salt, Water.
    Contains Wheat, Gluten, Sesame

    4 Seed Crackers VE, DFF (150g each, 1 packet):
    Seeds (55%) (Sunflower Seeds, Linseed, Sesame, Chia Seeds), Spelt Flour (25%) (Wheat), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt, Rosemary. 
    Contains Sesame, Wheat, Gluten

    Fig & Fennel Salami VE, GFF, DFF (100g each, 1 salami):
    Dried Figs (79%) (Sulphites), Balsamic Vinegar (Balsamic Vinegar, Caramel Colour (150c) Preservative 220), Walnut, Fennel Seeds (1%). 
    Contains Walnut, Sulphites

    Chilli Caramel Almonds (100g, 1 packet):
    Chilli Flakes, Canola Oil (Contains Antioxidants (319, 320)), Cumin, Salt, Almonds, Sugar.
    Contains Almonds

    Sweet Chilli Jam VE, GFF, DFF (110ml each, 1 relish):
    Cider Vinegar, Apples, Red Chilli, Tomato Sauce (Water, Sugar, Tomato Paste, Food Acid, Thickener, Salt, Spices, Preservatives, Vegetable Gum), Sugar, Garlic.

    Orange Marmalade VE, GFF, DFF:
    Oranges, Sugar, Water.

    Cranberry & Orange Relish VE, GFF, DFF:
    Oranges, Pepper, Cranberries, Ginger, Sugar, Lemons.

Our Home Baking is made with lots of yummy ingredients, including a variety of allergens such as (but not limited to) Eggs, Peanuts, Milk, Soy, Sesame, Lupin, Gluten (Barley, Oats, Rye, Wheat), Fish, Sulphites, Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Cashews, Hazelnuts, Macadamias, Pecans, Pine Nuts, Pistachios, and Walnuts.